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Teaching The Conflicts

Teaching the Conflicts
Love & Helmbrech

**I'm doing this blog entry early because I won't have time tomorrow night to get it up before midnight so just ignore it until later! :)

**So when reading this article, it reminded me of a few things that I've experienced. Which was perfect because I needed to do the reflection blog! These authors talk about feminism, and the way it is taught in society. The first thing that stuck out to me was the lyrics from the song "Stupid Girls" by the artist Pink. I love Pink and I was one of those girls who loved that song when it came out because I know I'm not one of those "stupid girls". This brings me to a quote from Love:

"we want women to understand they do have power and agency and that they are strong and capable. Yet we still want students to see a difference between feeling empowered because the media says they are, and actually being empowered..."

**This reminds me of hearing these songs such as "Stupid Girls" or other empowering songs such as "Can't Hold Us Down" that Belle posted. When us girls hear songs like that we crank it up and belt the words on the top of our lungs because we feel encouraged and empowered. However, Love's point is that young women need to learn to actually be empowered versus just singing about it. I can definitely relate to the feeling of empowerment because I personally love these songs. I love songs about girls standing up for themselves and doing their own thing without a man. I think it's natural in us females. I just never saw it as a battle between feeling and actually being empowered.

**Although Love points out that we need to teach young women the difference, she does agree that this media can help. I think seeing our icons sticking up for women's rights can really encourage some of us. Now we just need a little male media sticking up for women! 

"We believe that popular texts, like film, music, and advertising, need to be brought to a classroom where they can be scrutinized, questioned, and studied through a gendered lens"

**However, Love does talk about how media has influenced young women's impressions of feminism. What I wonder, is (even though I LOVE Pink...) how much of this media is true? Couldn't it just be a publicity stunt for attention? Girl power is huge in out society. So naturally songs such as these are going to be top of the chart hits. In this article Love mentions an interview between Oprah and Pink. Oprah calls her out and says Pink has been called hypocritical because she sexualizes herself in her videos, even though she's talking about "stupid girls" and in her video she mocks other celebs like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. Pink backs up her argument with this quote:

"My point is not that sexy is a bad thing; my point is that sexy and smart are not oil and water. You don't have to dumb yourself down to be cute...I think it's and act-it makes [a woman] less challanging as a female" 

**Another section of this reading talked about Dove commercials and how they use women's sexual empowerment as a goal for women. She talks about how on the Dove website they have pictures of women that we can look at and judge as wrinkled, oversized, etc. WHAT?? I found this sooo surprising! I personally never fall into those commercials that promise me that I'll look young forever, or the newest brand of this is the best. But that doesn't mean other forms of ads haven't struck a soft spot with me. These ads attack women who find flaws within themselves. As women we are supposed to be flawless and beautiful and thin..blah blah blah. Even the L'Oreal commercials with their stupid slogan "Because you're worth it". Oh ok so I'm not worth it if my make up is uneven? If one morning im too lazy to pretty myself I'm not worth it? Even for their age-defying make up they say "We're STILL worth it". Which gives the impression that women who look as if they have aged a day over 20, aren't worth it anymore. I may have just gone off on a small tangent but those things piss me off!! And the part where they talk about Dove just made me think of those riduiculous commercials that just feed on women's insecuritries.

**Media feeds off of women's need for empowerment. It's as if we are our own worst enemies in a way. Media uses beauty and self confidence to create images of empowerment. However, for those of us who see these commercials envy these women. We wish to look like them; to have perfect skin and hair. How is that supposed to bring us together and help us fight for equality? 

**Point for class: Like we've previously said in class...how are we going to reach out goal for female equality when females ourselves aren'y unified? How can we expect equality from others when we don't even treat our sisters equally?

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  1. I like how you mention the media using women's insecurities against them. I chose to use your discussion as the focus for mine. Great post, thanks!